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Photography Classes

<>photography classes

                                                                                                                  Photography classes


Marfione Studio

179 Washington ST

Somerville MA, 02143

Studio 617-623-6562   Fax 617-623-5811  Home 781-324-6803

Photography Classes, every Monday night from7pm to 9pm



                                                                                 There will be assignments through this course

                                                                                             Joseph Marfione Studio of Photography Course Includes
                                                                                             Classes are every
Monday and Tuesday from 7pm - 9pm

                                                                                             Certificate of completion of Marfione Studio of photography course
                                                                                             also a copy of Adobe 7 CD and and a copy a Wedding Book creator CD

                                                                                             filters program for Adobe. Tuition $45.00 per night.

 1.  Basic Photography in manual control

 2.  Explaining Film verses Digital,

 3.  f-stops control

 4.  Shutter speed control

 5.  Controlling your camera and getting to know your camera

 6.  Using your camera on full manual

 7.  Special tricks of the trade , panning, camera movement using shutter speed.

 8.  Camera Special effects 

 9.  Strobe lighting, manual control , getting to know you strobe

 10.  Estimate focusing, in dark places

 11.  Using Special lens for different scenes

 12.  When to use a tripod

 13.  Second Half will be Wedding Photography, how to photograph a Wedding

 14.  Special lighting out door and indoor

 15.  Posing Bride and Groom

 16.  During the couse there would be a Wedding Photographer guest

 17.  Portraits and lighting inside and outside

 18.  Basic Adobe work shop


Studio 617-623-6562   Fax 617-623-5811  Home 781-324-6803